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Otilia's art orients images within collages. Parts of her paintings juxtapose original disparate fragments with origins drawn from different historic epochs and through different geographical spaces. Throughout her work she employs important cultural symbols such as: the water, the wave, the horizontal line, the square, the horse, the butterfly, the fish, the egg, the shell and the feather. In addition, she uses other symbols from some of the most important artistic periods: Victoria by Samotrace, human figures by Fidias Metopes, and Venus by Botticelli. Otilia Gruneantu Scriuba creates complex compositions while managing to harmonize her found elements in a unitary image.” 

( Prof. Dr. Ioan Iovan, art critic – „Concords with artists and exhibitions”, Brumar Publishing House, 2006, Romania, Europe).​​

“The graphic experiments and the mixed media help Otilia Gruneantu Scriuba create an experimental surface, forcible and complex, which varies in ideal modulations. The symbolic coordinates are fixed on some precise elements such as: the water, the sky, the stone, the mineral structures, and the primordial signs of the archaic world. Moving on from this universe, we find ourselves traveling on an imaginary journey, with maximum freedom, on a poetic and oneiric road, down to the depth of the unconscious. The structures of the artistic message are complicated and filled in by a world where the artist takes her exclusive privilege for being our guide.”

( Conf. univ. Dr. Viorel Cosor, visual artist)

I was born in Lugoj, Romania, in 1981. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts & Pedagogy of Art from the Art & Design Faculty, West University, Timisoara, Romania. In 2006 I obtained a Master's Degree (bilingual French & Romanian) in Coordinating European Cultural Projects, from the same university.  ​I debuted as an artist in 1995 and as a teacher in 2004. My husband and I moved to Canada in 2008. I am an Ontario qualified Visual Arts, French, ELS and Special Education teacher, as well as a Romanian qualified Visual Arts teacher. Currently, I live and create my art in Toronto and teach at Halton DSB. 


2017: ​III Prize Graphics @ The VIth International Art Biennial" Meeting Point, Arad, Romania

2012     Roncy Rocks Art Festival, Toronto, On, "The most favoured Artist" prize


Selected international group juried art shows

2017: ​III Prize Graphics @ The VIth International Art Biennial " Meeting Point, Arad, Romania

2016: BIPB, International Print Biennale Bucharest, Brancovenesti Palace, Bucharest, Romania
2005 & 2009  25th Mini Print International of Cadaques, Barcelona,Spain
2008  “Cyclism”, Ex- Libris International Exhibition, Bodio   Lomnago, Italy
2008  International Art Show, Art Museum, Birlad, Romania
2006  “Le Lointin”, Ingre, France
2006  “l’Etang d’Art”, Bages, France
2005  Wingfield, Arts Music Festival, Wingfield, Great Britain
2005  “Artists Books”, Art University of Philadelphia, USA
2005  “Artists Books”, Arts, Media and Design University of Bristol, Great Britain
2005 Juried International Etching Show, Baia Mare, Romania
2004  “The Butterfly” Juried International Ex- Libris , Mexico
2003 Juried International Etching Show, Cluj, Romania

Solo art shows in Canada

2016    “Introspection”, Oakville Town Hall, Oakville, On

2013    " Genuine" Seven Grams Art Café Yorkville, Toronto,

2011    "Sky. Water. Birds", Gallery Celine Allard, Toronto

​ ( with photographer Octavian Scriuba )
2010   "The sun & the moon, symbol & mixed media"
          Gallery Celine Allard, Toronto
2010   Solo art exhibition, Pape& Danforth Public Library,
2010   "Little Children- Drawing", Little Owl Kindergarten & Elementary School, Toronto
2009   "Dreams", LucSculpture Gallery, School & Studios, Toronto
2009   "Together", Romanian Park, Hamilton
2008   “Mythology”, "The Homeway" Restaurant, Toronto

Canadian juried and non juried group art shows

2018  Artusiam Art Gallery, Toronto -various Art shows: "Abstraction in Action", "Expressions", "Spectrum"

2015/2016/2017/2018  "Annual HDSB Secondary Visual Arts Faculty Show, "Front of the class", Oakville Town Hall

2017/2018  "Annual Juried Show", ArtWorks Oakville Art Association, QEPCCC Gallery Oakville

2016   International Art Show: Chinese & Canadian Artists @ Oakville Town Hall, Artworks Oakville Art Association

2016   ArtWorks Art Association Group Art Show, Oakville Town Hall

2015   Canadian Landscape Traditional & Nontraditional,

        Oakville Town Hall

2015   Scarborough Juried Annual Art Show "InspirAsians",

2013   Scarborough Juried Annual Art Show“ChildSight”, Papermill            Gallery @ Todmorden Mill., Toronto, On

2012   "The most favoured Artist" prize @ Roncy Rocks Arts Festival, Toronto, On

2011    "Galerie en folie", Celine Allard Art Gallery, Toronto, On

2010   "Art on Danforth Show," LucSculpture Gallery, To, On

2009  Annual Art& Craft Show, LucSculpture Gallery, To, On

2008  Annual Juried Art Show "Made to measure",

         Arts Etobicoke Gallery,Toronto, On

2008  Monthly Group Art Shows, Kohl Art Gallery, Toronto, On


Selected juried group shows in Europe

2018 " Annual Art Show of artists with prizes during 2017-2018, Hellios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

2016  " Cromatic nostalgia", Városi Gallery, Csongrád, Hungary

2016  "The liberation of Timisoara", Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

2015  "National Graphics Art Show",  Caminul Artei/Simeza art galleries, Bucharest, Romania

2015   "Timisoara, from Royal Residence to European City", Helios Gallery,  Timisoara, Romania

2009     "Stars in visual arts", Administrative Palace, Timisoara, Romania

2003/2004/2005/2006/2007/2008  "Annual Arts District Exhibition", Helios Gallery,The Art Museum of Timisoara, Administrative Palace of Timisoara, Romania

2008     “Without point”, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

2008     "Romanian Contemporary Art ", Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

2008     “UAP Timisoara Group Show” , Forma & Axe Art galleries, Deva, Romania

2007      “The Way”, The Administrative Palace of Timisoara, Romania

2006      “Maternity, Origin of Life”, The Art Museum of Timisoara, Romania

2006      “The Scene”, National Theatre, Timisoara, Romania

2006      “The Wave of Timisoara”, Art Museum, Gyula, Hungary

2004       “The Light”, Szeged Art Gallery, Szeged, Hungary

Solo shows in Romania

2008         “The Garden”, Axa Art Gallery, Julius Mall, Timisoara, with artist Amalia Todorov

2007         “Symbolic messages”, Art Club Gallery, Timisoara

2006         “Dreams of the Primordial”, Axa Art Gallery, Julius Mall,

                 Tmisoara, with artist Amalia Todorov

2005           Painting and Photography Exhibition, Pro Arte Gallery,                   Lugoj, with photographer Octavian Scriuba

2002           Painting exhibition, Visual Arts Library, Timisoara, with artist Mihaela Tarhuna

1999           Drawing and Painting Exhibition, Armi Gallery, Lugoj

Artist in residence

2007 - Városi Gallery, Csongrád, Hungary

2006‑ Bulgarians Minority Museum, Dudeştii Vechi, Romania

2001- Maltez Centre, Dorobanţi, România

Represented by


National Artists Union of Professional Artists, Graphics, Romania 

Helios Art Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

Art Rotary Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

ArtworksOakille Art Association, Oakville, Canada

Artbomb, online Art Gallery, Canada

Fine Art America, online art gallery, USA

Saatchi Art, online art gallery, USA


Etobicoke Arts Art Association, Etobicoke, Canada

Neilson Park Creative Centre, Toronto, Canada

LucSculpture Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Rainbow Gallery, Art for all Canada, Toronto
Celine Allard Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Kohl Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Axa Art Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

Carolla Art Gallery, Timisoara, Romania


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