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2016: BIPB, International Print Biennale Bucharest, Brancovenesti Palace, Bucharest, Romania

2015: " Romanian Graphics 2015" published by UAP Bucharest

2012 : " Romanian Contemporary Artists Encyclopedia", published by

            the Publishing House "Arc", Bucharest, Romania

2008 - Annual Juried Art Show "Made to measure" Catalogue,

Arts Etobicoke Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2008- “The Way” Catalogue, UAPR, Timisoara, Romania

2008- “Axe” Catalogue, Timisoara and Arad, Romania

2008- “Annual Arts District Exhibition”, UAPR, Timisoara, Romania

2007- “Harmony With Artists and Exhibitions” book written by Prof. Dr. Ioan Iovan,

published by "Brumar" Publishing House, Timisoara, Romania.

2007- “ Maternity, The Origin of Life” Catalogue, UAPR, Timisoara, Romania

2006- “Visual Artists from Lugoj”, Prof. Dr. Ioan Iovan, UAPR, Romania

2006- “The Scene” Catalogue, UAPR, Timisoara, Romania

2005-   "25 Mini Print International de Cadaque" Catalogue, Spain

2005- “Visual Artists of Timisoara”, Prof. Dr. Ioan Iovan, UAPR, Romania

2005- “Artists’ Books” Virtual Catalogue, Arts Media and Design University of Bristol, Great Britain

2005- “Etching International Exhibition” Virtual Catalogue, Baia Mare, Romania

2004- “The Light” Catalogue, UAPR, Szeged, Hungary

2003- “Art University of Timisoara Catalogue”, Timisoara, Romania

2003- “Etching International Exhibition”, Cluj, Romania

Books, encyclopedias & art catalogues in which my art was published

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