2016: BIPB, International Print Biennale Bucharest, Brancovenesti Palace, Bucharest, Romania 


2015: " Romanian Graphics 2015" published by UAP Bucharest

2012 : " Romanian Contemporary Artists Encyclopedia", published by

            the Publishing House "Arc", Bucharest, Romania

2008 - Annual Juried Art Show "Made to measure" Catalogue,

Arts Etobicoke Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2008- “The Way” Catalogue, UAPR, Timisoara, Romania

2008- “Axe” Catalogue, Timisoara and Arad, Romania

2008- “Annual Arts District Exhibition”, UAPR, Timisoara, Romania

2007- “Harmony With Artists and Exhibitions” book written by Prof. Dr. Ioan Iovan,

published by "Brumar" Publishing House, Timisoara, Romania.

2007- “ Maternity, The Origin of Life” Catalogue, UAPR, Timisoara, Romania

2006- “Visual Artists from Lugoj”, Prof. Dr. Ioan Iovan, UAPR, Romania

2006- “The Scene” Catalogue, UAPR, Timisoara, Romania

2005-   "25 Mini Print International de Cadaque" Catalogue, Spain

2005- “Visual Artists of Timisoara”, Prof. Dr. Ioan Iovan, UAPR, Romania

2005- “Artists’ Books” Virtual Catalogue, Arts Media and Design University of Bristol, Great Britain

2005- “Etching International Exhibition” Virtual Catalogue, Baia Mare, Romania

2004- “The Light” Catalogue, UAPR, Szeged, Hungary

2003- “Art University of Timisoara Catalogue”, Timisoara, Romania

2003- “Etching International Exhibition”, Cluj, Romania

Books, encyclopedias & art catalogues in which my art was published

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 Romanian Contemporary Artists 2012

"Romanian Contemporary Artists Encyclopedia, 2012, nr. 7" published in Romanian by the Publishing House ARC 2000 is now available in Bucharest at the National Public Library. As of September 8th., it is going to be available at the Toronto Public Library as well.