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"You have an almost masculine joy and creative power". ( Karin Graf, Visual Artist, Germany, 2018)

" I love the "multy-layerness" and the beautiful compositions". ( Imola Dobrila Borsos, Oakville, "Introspection" Solo Art Show @ Oakville Town Hall, 2016)

" I love your spirit, your joy, your dreams, your colours and most of all your art". (Ela Penelea, Oakville, "Introspection" Solo Art Show @ Oakville Town Hall, 2016)

" Striking! Bold, with many fun and beautiful images between the lines" (Michael Overchuk, Oakville, "Introspection" Solo Art Show @ Oakville Town Hall, 2016)

" Hopefully, one day with my art style, I can make as beautiful and eye catching art as yours". (Katelyn Overchuck, Oakville, "Introspection" Solo Art Show @ Oakville Town Hall, 2016)

" I was blown away by your detail and ability to evoke emotion in me. I have been exploring a lot of art lately, and yours are worth exploring more. These are my favourites: "Flight Above Orford Forest", "The Water", "Water 2", "Homage to Boticelli" and "The Trees". ( 2013, Sarah McLaughlin, teacher at Howlett Academy, Toronto, Canada)


"Otilia surprises with her amazing inspiration and fantasy.
Her extraordinary paintings enrich one's soul and mind and exceed the human imagination.
In one painting Otilia can embed an entire world, a whole life or an infinite story. Her artwork and way of using colours urge me to explore the complexity of life, an exploration which is far beyond the daily routine. Four of her paintings came home with me and I look forward to others". ( 2013, Roxana Ciuculescu, Toronto, Canada )


" stunning work in a perfect space" ( AMANDA L. LABELLE,  " Genuine" Seven Grams Art Café Yorkville, Toronto -2013)

"I saw your art at that coffee place close to Avenue Road yesterday, and it was a great refreshment from what I usually see. I wanted to give you a compliment on your work. Just wonderful!" (Ana Novic, Toronto, member of Serbian - Canadian Association of poets and writers "Desanaka Maksimovic")


“I had the opportunity to attend some of Otilia’s art shows in Toronto and also bought one of her paintings. I was fascinated and amazed by the powerful feeling I felt only looking at her work. Her paintings are not just pieces of art, they are pieces of life, resonating with your own feelings. She has this unique ability to address a personalized and genuine message to the viewer and she succeeds to make this impression to last for a long time. I would definitely recommend Otilia’s paintings to anyone who wants to take a journey inside their soul.” ( 2010 Daniela Codrea, Inside Account Manager at Microsoft Toronto, Canada, Area Industry Computer Software )


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